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Welcome to Fascinans, Ltd

Fascinans, Ltd is a private company of Public Health, focusing on HIV, TB, Malaria,  COVID-19, Supply Chain Innovations, Supply Chain Governance, Supply Chain Management, Comprehensive Vaccines Management (CVM), CCEs (Cold Chain Equipment) investments, and Health Systems Strengthening (HSS). Our professionals and consultants are based in the United Kingdom (UK), EU, USA and in Africa. As game changers, we provide the Technical Assistance (TA) to the UK, EU and US based customers, plus Francophone and Anglophone African countries, giving your business the time and effort it deserves. Blending standard values with innovative approaches, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide your business with personal, forward-looking advice, based on your unique requirements. At Fascinans, Ltd, our aim is to help you focus on important business decisions, by simplifying your processes, adding value to your public health programs, supply chains, program design, program evaluation and proactively interacting with you on day to day public health, HSS and supply-chain matters.

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We work closely with our clients and act for a broad range of business and personal clients.

Apart from the more general Public Health, Supply Chain Sustainable Governance, Supply Chain Innovations, Comprehensive Vaccines Management (CVM), Project Management and Supply Chain Technical Assistance (TA), we can also assist you with business development, project design, and project evaluation

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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive Technical Assistance designed to ensure the sustainable Public Health systems in the areas of HIV, TB, Malaria, COVID-19, Pharmaceuticals, Labs,  Supply Chain Innovations, Comprehensive Vaccines Management (CVM) to enhance Equity & Efficiency in vaccines management, Cold Chain Logistics,  CCEs (Cold Chain Equipment), and Supply Chains Governance. We make your Public Health systems  sustainable and resilient while preparing for emergency situations and pandemics. We strengthen your  public health, supply chain systems, and help you with intelligent project design, project management and tailored project evaluation.

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